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Standard Wood Sand
Mar 04, 2017

Made in pine, diameter 6 mm, length 1 cm particulate matter. Water rapidly, and within a few seconds to dry. Saturated granules will be crushed into small particles about 1 mm in diameter, according to the size of particles and convection, knock or shake the cat litter used small particles to sink, large particles that are not used up waiting to use. Waste pick up every day, the whole basin of particles are broken then replace the new sand. Don't worry there will stink of urine in the wood, high-tech treatment of wood can effectively lock water, Rosin bactericidal effect to inhibit bacterial breeding, not rancid. With the use of Crystal method, similar steps.

Safety: natural pine, made after high pressure sterilization, do not add any additives, chemicals, and no toxic side effects, even if eating cat or family without injury.

Odor: pine itself has a very strong odor, by compression, better deodorant. Pine Rosin are natural substances that kill germs, this ancient building remains the key.

Vases with pine sawdust compressed, absorbent strong, from the experimental results, than traditional cat litter absorbent 2.3 times.

Easy to clean: the waste sand shovels, by walking down the toilet. Granulated wood chips absorb water into powder, with a mesh screen filter can be cleaned, no mesh screen or by shaking or trembling litter box way coarse particles that are not used up, powder down.

Environmental protection: the materials for natural pine, directly into the toilet or used as a fertilizer, in the natural environment can be broken down. Not mine, no ash, keep the room clean.

Easy to clean: after high pressure sterilization of this product go to pine oil, after absorbing water, creamy, non-stick feet, nonstick, easy to wash.

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