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Silica Gel Cat Litter With A Strong Moisture Absorption Characteristics Of Moisture Absorption
Jul 24, 2017

Silicone safety performance: silica gel has a strong adsorption capacity, the human skin can produce a dry effect, therefore, the operation should wear a uniform. If the silicone into the eyes, need a lot of water rinse, and as soon as possible to find a doctor for treatment.

Silica Gel Cat Litter, that is made of silicone gasket material. Because of the rich microporous structure inside the silica gel, it has a superior moisture absorption and moisture absorption characteristics. Silica Gel Cat Litter is a newest, most ideal pet garbage cleaner, with traditional cat litter products can not match the strange effect. With silica gel do cat litter, called cat litter industry's latest revolution. Silica Gel Cat Litter is the main component of silica, its content of up to 98% or more, the appearance of white granules, the family is safe to use, is the current international market, the most advanced cat litter products.

1, the adsorption capacity of strong absorption speed

Cat litter can absorb pets in a few seconds, urine and the resulting odor; and can curb the growth of bacteria, keep the cat litter surface dry and clean, so that the pet environment health and safety; Of the volatile gas, moisture adsorption, it can play the role of air freshener, so that the fresh air, clean environment, clean, due to the unique performance of cat sand silica gel in the use of the amount of waste is very small, thus reducing the owner Of the labor intensity, more effectively to maintain the environmental health.

2, colorful, pet like

A variety of colored cat litter and different scents cat litter have a special appeal to pets and are easily accepted by pets.


1. Lay a layer of cat litter with a thickness of about 1.5 inches in a clean cat litter box.

2. Regularly clean up the garbage generated after use to keep it clean.

3. If more than one cat, according to this ratio to shorten the replacement of cat litter cycle, and not in the cat litter box put too much cat litter. Suggest a bag of 4 pounds of cat litter use: a cat, a month; two cats, 10-15 days; 3 cats, 5-10 days.

4. After the moisture absorption of cat litter in a timely manner from the box with a spoon to clear.

5. To extend the use of cat litter Note:

① use, cat litter box to choose to place in a clean, dry place.

② when not in use, cat litter box to be sealed and placed in a dry place.

Silica Gel Cat Litter that is made of silica gel of this feature refined processing. Silica Gel Cat Litter is the main component of silica, non-toxic pollution-free, is a family with green products. With the cat litter after digging can be buried. Silica Gel Cat Litter appearance was white granules, and light weight, broken low, can inhibit bacterial growth.

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