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Silica Gel Cat Litter Light Weight, Broken Low, Small Dust
Jul 03, 2017

Silica Gel Cat Litter, also known as silica sand, is one of the most ideal pet garbage cleaners, with other garbage treatment agent can not match the special effects. Used as a litter for cats or other domestic pets. Cat litter is rich in microporous structure, the basic ingredient is silica (SiO2) was white granules, the family can ensure the use of safe, cat litter do pet litter, can quickly absorb the urine of pets, feces in the liquid And the resulting odor and can keep dry, so that the environment clean and fresh. The use of cat litter can reduce the amount of waste, because this new material can absorb 80% of its own weight.

The above fecal fluid (100 grams can absorb 80-100g) while still maintaining a dry appearance. Usually, keep a cat, add cat litter thickness of 1.5 inches is appropriate, a bag of 4 pounds of cat litter can be used for a month.

According to European and American countries, cat litter can generally be divided into four types:

C1 type silica sand: the appearance of translucent spherical particles,Silica Gel Cat Litter the surface shiny. Its main feature is the absorption speed, the pet fecal fluid absorption of more than 85%;

C2 type silica sand: the appearance of shiny glassy white spherical particles. The main feature is the better water resistance, the absorption of pet excrement after the break rate of 5-10% lower, the absorption capacity of up to 95% or more;

C-type cat litter: the appearance of irregular particles, adsorption capacity and C1-type silica sand quite, the main feature is the friction between the particles, do not roll, can alleviate some pets due to particles caused by discomfort caused by sliding, you can also lift you In the fill or clear when the accidental spill may bring you trouble;

Water-resistant silica sand: white spherical particles,Silica Gel Cat Litter between the particles have a greater friction. The most important feature is to absorb the excrement after the particles can still keep intact. Broken rate of less than 5%, and in the absorption will not sound to avoid disturbing the smaller pets

The manufacturers of various cat litter will be in accordance with the needs of customers to join the different colors of particles to enhance the beauty, or in the product into a certain amount of antimicrobial agents.

Crystal cat litter is also known as Silicone Cat litter,Silica Gel Cat Litter it is a new, ideal pet garbage cleaner, with past clay and other cat liters unparalleled excellent characteristics. Silicone for cat litter is a major change in the cat litter industry in recent years. The main ingredient is silica, non-toxic and pollution-free, is a family with green products. With the cat litter after digging can be buried. Silicone cat litter appearance of white granular, and some brands will be mixed with different colors of beads, and light weight, broken low, small dust, can inhibit bacterial growth, is the most popular on the international market cat litter products. The product on the market, immediately by Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries welcomed the vast number of consumers.

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