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Silica Gel Cat Litter Has Excellent Adsorption
Jun 21, 2017

Speaking of cat, both said that imports (cat food cat rice), also have to say that exports (of course, cat litter). So today, said cat litter.

One of the big differences between a cat and a dog is that dogs that are not specially trained will be kept in the urine and never cover up; and the cat does not need to be trained to find the sand basins, and will work hard after the urine Create their own "gold million" to cover up. This is in fact the year of their wild ancestors on behalf of the genetic results. Canines are probably cluster operations, and use the smell mark the site,Silica Gel Cat Litter so naturally everywhere to show "here is my". The feline is probably acting alone (so the lion is an exception), and most of them are covert attacks and then start a raid, so you need to cover their own smell and whereabouts to show "In fact, I have not been yo.

So the people who keep the cat, do not like the owner of the dog as hard to educate their own home to set the toilet, just need to prepare a sand basin on it. But the sand basin which put any sand, which is stress.

Silicone cat litter is also known as crystal cat litter,Silica Gel Cat Litter silica cat litter is also called cat litter, the appearance of white granules, for cat or other animals in the pet filler, it brings a new pet manure treatment. Belonging to the category of pet cleaning products, is a new type, the most ideal pet garbage cleaner, with traditional cat litter products can not match the strange effect. It can not only absorb pet liquid urine, solid feces, but also can quickly and comprehensively absorb the smell, so as to achieve the pet healthy,Silica Gel Cat Litter keep the air fresh role. Silicone cat litter is a highly active adsorption material, usually with sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reaction, and aging, acid bubble and a series of post-processing process and obtained.

1, high strength, easy to break;

2, safety and environmental protection, this product is non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, non-polluting, no dust, completely green;

3, because the product within the porous channel, with excellent adsorption, can effectively absorb the animal's E. coli, intestinal toxins, play epidemic prevention and treatment,Silica Gel Cat Litter the role of insecticide, but also improve the ecological environment.

Use: the goods into the pet toilet box, the thickness of 6-10cm, pet microphone after training, will consciously in the pet sand on the toilet, even if the pet licked or eating pet sand,Silica Gel Cat Litter the pet body also harm. Used the pet sand, can be treated as ordinary garbage, do not pollute the environment. Pet sand for cat, dog, bird, rabbit, chicken, sheep and other animal litter.

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