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Silica Gel Cat Litter Environmental Protection Type Of Cat Litter Products
May 31, 2017

First, Silica Gel Cat Litter according to the use of characteristics, cat litter can be divided into two categories:

1, the group cat litter: the main component of bentonite, absorbed into the urine or feces will form a group, with cat sand shovel to square

Will clean up.

2, do not group the cat litter encounter urine will not knot, after the cat stool can be shovel out after use, need to replace the whole. The following are the same as the "

Second, according to the chemical properties and raw materials divided into

Organic cat litter: wood chips cat litter, paper dust cat litter, bamboo sand, grass sand, grain sand, inorganic cat litter, bentonite cat litter, crystal cat litter

Silica Gel Cat Litter

Silica Gel Cat Litter that is made of silica gel of this feature refined processing. Silicone cat litter is the main component of silica, non-toxic pollution-free, is a family with green products. With the cat litter after digging can be buried. Silicone cat litter appearance was white granules, and light weight, broken low, can inhibit bacterial growth.

Crystal cat with sand

Crystal cat litter is translucent particles of beads or some irregular particles, some brands will be mixed with different colors of beads, the effect of mildew, antibacterial, deodorant and so on.

Crystal cat litter is the strength of strong absorption, beads will absorb urine after the urine, until the basin about eight Chengdu color change, you can all new. Of course, stool will not disappear, or to clean up every day.


1, strong deodorant. It can put the smell of urine or feces tightly sucking does not distribute, keep your room fresh air no smell.

2, super fast moisture absorption. It can be in a very short period of time to quickly suck out the urine of pets, feces in the water; moisture up to 80% of their own weight and still maintain the appearance of dry.

3, lasting effect. 4 pounds per bag of cat litter can be used for one cat for more than a month.

4, strong antibacterial. Because the cat litter box dry, reducing the breeding of bacteria. If you use antimicrobial cat litter, but also has a bactericidal effect.

5, easy to handle. Silicone cat litter does not agglomerate, leaving no trace, no dust, light weight, less garbage, can be handled when the ordinary garbage; family easy to use, safe.

Recommendation: Some people use double cat litter basin, the upper layer of crystal cat litter, the lower layer of condensed cat litter or cat diapers to absorb the flow of urine to reduce wear and tear.

Main Ingredients: This cat litter product is the recovery of pine, pulp or wheat by-products as raw materials, are environmentally friendly type of cat litter products.

Many brands of cat litter are small package, pick a few well-known brands of cat litter one by one to try the cat to see what it likes and then ok down just fine. In the selection is not blindly casually selected, need to pay attention to the following points: the first choice can be condensed to facilitate the eradication of cat litter, this cat litter easy to clean and can absorb the smell; followed by cats like no taste of cat litter, so try not to The choice of those rich flavor of the cat litter, but the owner is often more like with the smell of cat litter, so in the choice of the cat did not consider the feelings,Silica Gel Cat Litter so buy cat litter cat do not like to use, we must remember that cat litter is To the cat with, they like the cat litter is the right. If the cat does not like the cat litter we choose for it usually have the following performance: catch the cat sand tray,Silica Gel Cat Litter standing outside the cat sand or go out soon to jump out directly in the cat sand tray next to the " So when you find these cats appear above these conditions please replace the other cat litter, do not easily change the other after the replacement of other brands.

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