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Plant Cat Litter To Make The Cat More Comfortable
Nov 02, 2017

Meowers are indispensable at home even if the Plant Cat Litter, because the use of Plant Cat Litter or Plant Cat Litter pots can be very good to eliminate the phenomenon of cats chaos pee. Due to the unique taste of Plant Cat Litter most of the cat will be very conscious use of Plant Cat Litter tray, but there are some cats for Plant Cat Litter is not used to buy a cat sand basin or do not like the excrement in the cat sand basin, so there will still be chaos Pee phenomenon, which requires the owner to think of a way, how can I make the cat comfortable with Plant Cat Litter?

First, clean up Plant Cat Litter every day

The kittens do not like excretion in a dirty environment, and if you do not change Plant Cat Litter, it will find a cleaner place to drain, such as a blanket. In the clean cat box, the first shovel into the small bag, with the cat grow up, slowly replaced by a larger bag. You just put the dirt shovel up with a shovel into the bag on it. After that, you want to wrap up the bag and throw it away. In the first few weeks, you can leave a little bit of excreta in the Plant Cat Litter box (to change frequently). This helps the kitten understand the use of the box.

Non-condensing ore is the cheapest option and is the most widely used Plant Cat Litter, but it is also the most problematic. On the one hand, the traditional non-condensing ore can not absorb the smell well so that you must replace all Plant Cat Litter while removing the cat's excreta. You can find a baking soda as the basic raw material Plant Cat Litter deodorant, it has a good effect to remove the smell of the cat. In general, the traditional non-condensed ore must be changed every three days. If you have a lot of cats (three or more), you need to change every day. If you only keep a very loving cat, then only need to remove its solid excrement from the potty, Plant Cat Litter can be replaced once a week. In general, your nose will tell you when to clean up the potty.

Second, regular cleaning the entire cat sand box

Every week you need to throw out the things in the cat sand box and wash it out a few times. After emptying the box, you can clean it with a non-toxic and harmless cleaning agent (or soft soapy water), wipe it dry with a paper towel, and then refill the clean Plant Cat Litter. If you are using a Plant Cat Litter that can be shoveled, then you can sweep more than a week or more. However, even if this is the case, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and replace the Plant Cat Litter.

Third, thoroughly clean up the area of cat accidental excretion

If your cat is on the toilet outside the cat box, make sure to clean the area thoroughly and remove all traces of urine and excreta. Otherwise they will re-excrete in the same place.

Fourth, consider moving the home of relatively large potted plants

If you find the cat as a potted plant as its toilet, then you need to remove the potted plants while training it using Plant Cat Litter. The kittens instinctively buried the excreta, so they will be attracted by the area full of dirt and sand. You have to make sure that the cat sand box is the only place in the home that can let it excrete.

Five, the daily time to feed the cat

This helps you predict the time the kitten is defecating. The cat will have a bowel movement after 20 minutes of feeding. If you think it wants to be convenient, hold it next to the box and let it climb in. You need to spend a few weeks to train kittens using Plant Cat Litter.

1, if your kitten looks pessered when using Plant Cat Litter box, make sure it can easily enter the box or replace it with a box. Especially in the use of scented Plant Cat Litter, the kitten is likely to have resistance.

2, slowly change the Plant Cat Litter. If you need to change the type of Plant Cat Litter, then slowly use the new Plant Cat Litter to replace the old Plant Cat Litter, let the cat to adapt to the old and new Plant Cat Litter mixture to slowly transition, and then increase the number of new Plant Cat Litter. The entire adaptation time lasts about 2 weeks.

3, Plant Cat Litter for a long time? This is suitable for the characteristics of their own cat. But also to see their own degree of tolerance. Generally once a week all replaced, every day to see the part of the group should also be shoveled in time to keep this frequency is generally not a problem. Of course, if it is local tyrants, then every day for the whole, anyway, local tyrants are not bad money, so clean, health, is costly. Home conditional words after the excretion of the cat is best to the end of the Plant Cat Litter to the sun where the sun drying, sterilization.

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