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Plant Cat Litter Environmental Health
Oct 10, 2017

Deodorant sex with cat sand material of the pros and cons, some bad cat sand do not say deodorant performance, the cat sand itself already stink. Therefore, we must choose those deodorant performance a bit stronger Plant Cat Litter, after all, the cat's feces taste that is not the general smell.

Sterilization mainly in the production process of cat sand added some antibacterial substances, these antibacterial substances can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, because sometimes the cat sand may be a few days to change, so in order to ensure the health of the family and cats, we should try to choose those germicidal efficacy better Plant Cat Litter.

Cat sand in the market is generally granular, buy cat sand is to consider the shape and size of cat sand, high-quality cat sand should be the size of the particle uniform shape rounded, and the size should be moderate, small particles of cat sand easy to be brought out, pollution home.

Good quality cat sand is not easy to break, easy to break the cat sand is more difficult to clean up, and very easy to stick to the cat's hair, so buy cat sand to choose more hard, not easy to break the cat sand.

After the cat then like to planing to bury their own excrement, to choose a not dust, do not choke the nose of the cat sand is safe.

As a result, the shovel officials do not have to worry about dust inhalation when cleaning.

The reason why so little dust, is because love pet this tofu cat sand is with high-quality corn powder bean dregs (not the residue of grinding tofu residue, but the extraction of bean milk after drying bean curd) edible starch, water is under 10%, hardness strong, almost no dust.

(1) Easier to adapt: length 1cm-1.5cm, particle diameter 2.0MM makes cats easier to adapt to tofu Plant Cat Litter, healthier than bentonite, and has a shorter adaptation cycle.

(2) More inclusive: More strong package, to solve the common tofu Plant Cat Litter on the cat feces poor parcel of the big problem, patented deodorant formula, Deodorization effect is better.

(3) Lower water content: small particles on the water content of lower requirements, are under 10%, hardness of about 50, no dust, let your love cat carefree to the home anywhere.

(4) Smaller particles: small particles, not easy to powder, the use of more than a week also granules intact, suitable for all ages of the cat, so that the cat's feet feel more comfortable, the baby cat more care, the amount of savings. 、

(5) More environmental health: strict selection of high-quality raw materials, the use of young cats more reassuring. Healthier and edible.

Put the box in a quiet place. Don't put it in a house where people often walk. Plant Cat Litter Box is best placed in easy to reach the location, at the same time have a certain degree of concealment. Stay away from places where there is a sudden noise because it scares the cat.

The Plant Cat Litter box is best placed in the space where the cat is often active. So the cat can see the litter box and try to use it.

If you have already started training kittens to use Plant Cat Litter, but you need to change the location of the cat sandbox, then you have to take it slowly and move 1-2 meters every few days. If you take the box directly to another room, it will confuse the kitten, causing it to excrete everywhere in the room. It can also help to place the cat's bowl near where it used to be, because most cats will use the toilet in the place where they eat.

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