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Hamster Bathing Sand Can Remove The Body Of Bacteria, Keep Dry
Nov 02, 2017

Hamsters in the bath sand bath is actually quite simple, as long as the bath in the sand to fight a few roll, will be able to stick through the bath will be attached to the dirt on the hair removed. But not all rat mice are born in the bath of their own bath, but the hamster is very smart,Hamster Bathing Sand  we can take some time to teach their own hamster how to bath in the bath.

A: Generally we can use a spoon to scoop some sand on the back of the hamster, the hamster will shake the body to shake the sand, more than a few times, smart hamsters will be able to experience such a happy, and automatic In the sand roll; of course, you can also use the tools of chopsticks gently hamsters turn in the sand,Hamster Bathing Sand  a little pressure in the sand for a while, hamsters will also be realized that the roll of the bath.

B: for those who can not through their own understanding of the realm of the hamster hamster, can give it a master "with" to learn to take a bath. Because hamster curiosity is relatively strong, find a hamster will automatically take a hamster to do not automatically take a hamster to do the demonstration,Hamster Bathing Sand  hamsters can also be imitated by the teacher and automatically take a bath, and enjoy it.

C: for those who are some stupid hamsters, it had to use the "closed confinement" approach, and threw it into the sand heap, put some more sand, by its own toss it, love holes on the hole,Hamster Bathing Sand  love Blind run on the blind run, love Hu Hu suddenly Hu Hu. As for the final results, can learn the best, it is not learning, it is also more trouble later, and forced it to drill sand, and if the day elm head resuscitation, hehe.

But have to pay attention to absolutely can not develop hamsters in the bath room urine bad habits, because the sand will be compiled after the urine, will waste a lot of sand, but also pollution of the smell of the bath. If you really find urine, and in time to deal with wet sand and sanded sand.

The native habitat of hamsters is generally in a relatively arid plain or desert area, and most hamsters are scared of water, although it will swim, but there will be drowning. So if not necessary, do not use water to hamster bath. And easy to dry after washing, and easily lead to hamster cold, serious death! Give the hamster the right bath method should provide hamster dedicated bath sand.

The main raw material of hamster baths is natural silicified by high temperature sterilization. Hamsters bathing through bath sand, you can remove the body of bacteria, keep dry, to prevent a variety of skin disorders. The hamster can also exercise through the bath. The smell of fragrance can keep the hamster living environment dry and clean.

Bath sand is best not to use other things instead. Not only raw materials is not good, sterilization can not be done in place only counterproductive. Some masters like to replace the cat with sand to save money, but only to remove the body of dirt, can not achieve the effect of real sterilization.

But have to pay attention to some hamsters will bath sand as a toilet. Can not develop hamsters in the bath room urine bad habits, because the sand will be compiled after the urine,Hamster Bathing Sand  will waste a lot of sand, but also in time to clean up. But even if the bath was not urine, over a period of time will be smelly, but also to replace.

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