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Hamster Bathing Sand Bath Sand Quality Is Good, Alternating Use
Oct 24, 2017

Hamster in Bath in the sand bath is actually quite simple, as long as in the sand in the bath to make a few rolls, you can pass the bath sand will adhere to the dirt removal of hair. But not all mice are born to bathe themselves in the sand, but hamsters are smart enough to spend a little bit of time teaching their hamsters how to bathe in the sand.

Generally we can scoop up some sand with a small spoon and sprinkle it on the back of the hamster, and the hamster will shake the sand and shake the body. More than a few times,Hamster Bathing Sand  the clever hamster can feel so happy, and automatically wallow in the sand, of course, can also use chopsticks what tools gently turn the hamster in the sand, slightly pressed in the sand for a while, The hamster will also realize the tumble bath.

The native habitat of hamsters is generally in the drier plains or desert areas, and most hamsters are naturally afraid of water, although it can swim, but there will also be drowning in the situation. So don't use water to bathe the hamster if it is not necessary. And after washing is not easy to dry, and easy to cause the hamster cold, serious death! The proper bathing method for hamsters should provide special bathing sand for hamsters.

The main raw material of the Hamster Bathing Sand is the natural silica sand which passes through the high-temperature sterilization. Hamster through bath sand bath,Hamster Bathing Sand  can remove the bacteria on the body, keep dry, prevent a variety of skin diseases. The hamster can also exercise the body by bathing. Scent can also keep the hamster living environment dry and clean.

It is best not to use other things instead of bath sand. Not only the original material is not good to choose, sterilization and disinfection do not in place will only backfire. Some owners like to use cat sand instead to save money, but only to remove the dirt on the body, can not really bactericidal effect.

However, it must be noted that some hamsters take bath sand as a toilet. Can not form the hamster in the bath room urine urine bad habit, because the sand will harden after the urine, will waste a lot of sand, also need to clean up in time. But the bath sand even if have not been peed, after a period of time also will stink, also

General bath sand 10 days or so change. Buy a private bathroom for a hamster or a container (such as a turtle jar, a goldfish bowl, etc) take bath sand (presumably paved 1~2cm thick) in the bathtub. After a few days,Hamster Bathing Sand  the bath sand dirty, will be in one of the other sundries filtered clean, poured into the glass bottle in the balcony or can be directly exposed to the sun. Put the same amount of new bath sand in the bathtub for hamsters. If the bath sand quality is good, alternating use, can use for a two months long.

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