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Cat Litter With Deodorant, Strong Adsorption
Oct 10, 2017

Cat litter, this heavy and fast thing. The cat's small companion loves and hates, because not yet.

Every time you have to buy a few bags, live in a high-rise and no elevator small partner, you have the strength of the absolute lever.

First, according to the characteristics of the use, cat sand can be divided into two main categories:

1, Knot group Cat sand: The main ingredient is bentonite, absorption to urine or feces will form a regiment, with cat sand shovel can be easily cleaned.

2, do not knot the cat sand in the urine will not be a group, after the cat stool will be shovel out, after use need to replace the whole.

It is estimated that this is the most widely used type of cat litter. A Blue star makes (a shovel) easy to use (a piece of excrement), just to get the stones out of the knot. Used for easy cleaning, widely loved by people with severe lazy cancer. Shovel on a daily basis, the time to add new sand can be. A bag of cat litter can be used for months and is cheap. The best model for economic application of cat litter.

Cat litter is an object for the owner's cat to bury feces and urine. There is a good water absorption, generally with the cat sand basin (or cat toilet) together, the appropriate amount of cat litter in the cat sand Basin, the trained cat when the need to discharge will enter the cat in the sand Basin to excrete on it.

Generally, cat litter is used to simulate sand and provide water absorption by using pulp to form small particles, as well as particles of physical desiccant such as silica gel. For domestic pet cats and other small animals cushion material, with deodorant, strong adsorption, non-toxic, non-polluting, less waste, such as the advantages of a family with green products. In general will add deodorant/preservatives and other chemical products, cat sand encountered water will condense into pieces, although it is easy to clean but recommended with a special drain shovel. Most cat-litter cats get on their feet and take them to other places, so pay attention to cleaning up regularly.

The most important embodiment of cat culture is the use of cat litter, cat sand was invented in 1948 by the United States, after more than 50 years of research and development, the quality has been very sophisticated, the early cat sand is mainly to do not condense the cat sand, everyone is to receive the cat, but with the cat sand technology continues to progress, People are not limited to the admission of such a simple, so not only appear in the present condensate sand, wood sand, and crystal sand and so on. Bentonite sand with its low price, good condensation force and deodorant, style also more in line with the cat's nature and other advantages, has been a common choice of foreign cat friends, bentonite ore is also accounted for 80% of the international market.

1. Spread a layer of cat litter about 1.5 inches in a clean cat litter. 2. Regular cleaning of waste generated after use to protect clean.

3. If there are many cats, it is possible to shorten the cycle of the replacement of cat litter, instead of putting too much cat litter in the cat litter box, suggesting a bag of 3.6L Cat Sand Usage: A cat, one months, two cats, 15 days, three cats, 10 days or so.

4. The absorption of saturated cat litter in a timely manner from the box with a spoon to clear.

5. Place a litter box or cat litter in a clean, damp-free area to prolong its service life.

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