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Cat Litter Good Ventilation, Comfortable Environment
Oct 24, 2017

Cat life is inseparable from cats, the feeling is that the same meal, so Cat Litter is very important, when you find the cat anywhere or refuse to use cat litter, you should pay special attention to, is not the cat will not like cats sand? So when you use cat litter (pots), what are the caveats?

1, open Cat Litter Basin

Open Cat Litter Basin is common, let the cat can enter from either side, this Cat Litter basin lets the cat is not easy to get dirty oneself, the toilet encounters the threat, also can quickly evade, must choose the Cat Litter basin which suits the cat to enter the height. If the family cat is more privacy-oriented, you can also choose a closed Cat Litter basin.

2. How big is the Cat Litter basin

The most suitable cat litter basin size, is at least if the cat's 1.5 times times, so that the cat in the toilet when there will be enough space, if the cat living space is big enough, the Cat Litter Basin of course, the bigger the better.

3, put how much litter suitable

After the Cat Litter basin is washed and dried, add 5-8 centimeters of cat litter to it. Do not add too much to laziness, cats do not like too thick cat litter, and this thickness is the most convenient to clean up and update.

4. Separate from water and grain

The Cat Litter Basin also should pay attention, do not put in the cat's rice bowl and water bowls near. Cats are known for their love of cleanliness, they do not like to solve the problem of eating near the toilet, if you put the Cat Litter basin next to the rice bowl and water bowls, they may be directly ignored the Cat Litter basin, instead to find a more suitable place to solve the problem of defecation.

5, place to choose good

If the place where the Cat Litter basin is not like, but also affect the cat, and the Cat Litter Basin place, next to the best do not have washing machines, refrigerators or televisions and other electrical appliances, lest the electric appliance will frighten the cat, also do not place in the area of eating and sleeping.

At the same time, don't put the cat litter in the airless place, such as toilets and closets, so that the stink is very difficult to disperse. The ideal bathroom environment for cats is: good ventilation, easy environment, away from cat food and other pets, and there is no potential danger at all.

6, do not easily move the Cat Litter basin.

Once the cat is familiar with the location of the litter, they get used to the route. The risk of changing the position of the Cat Litter Basin will make the cat at a loss, if you really want to change the position of the Cat Litter basin, then must take the cat familiar with the new Cat Litter Basin location environment, so they can know where to go to the toilet.

7, cat more toilet also want more

From the ideal deodorant angle (not from your home environment), the number of cat litter pots is better than the number of cats +1, that is, if you have 1 cats, then you need 2 pots of cat litter; If you have 4, you need 5 pots of cat litter. Cats have territorial awareness, the home of the "eldest" may also be one of two, the most cowardly one may feel that there is no place to go to the toilet and pull around.

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