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Bentonite Cat Litter Soft Texture, Water Absorption Is Relatively Strong
Jul 03, 2017

Bentonite Cat Litter As the bentonite has water absorption, swelling, cation exchange, thixotropy, adhesion, adsorption, thickening, lubricity, stability, decolorization and other properties, are widely used in various industrial sectors.

Thousands of years ago, the cat was willing to be acclimated and began to be associated with the human race; and those who were captured by the cat who are in the cat more beautiful life on the road tireless, for the construction of blue stars and meow people harmonious society ;

For example, in the cat litter, the earliest cat litter is the yellow sand loess, slowly there are families using slag wood chips, but it was found, whether it is yellow sand or slag sawdust,Bentonite Cat Litter the taste of the cat's feces can not only be covered, Cat claws and hair will be made dirty;

Later appeared on the current commodity cat litter. There are many types of cat litter currently on the market, such as condensed soil cat litter; silica gel / crystal cat litter, plant cat litter, wood cat litter, etc., cat slaves of their argument mixed;

But the bentonite cat litter is an exception; it is not only popular in the cat sand sector,Bentonite Cat Litter or cat litter market, the main, accounting for nearly half of the market;

Advantages of bentonite cat litter:

① small particles, soft texture, water absorption is relatively strong, knot better;

② a wide variety; a deodorant type, dust-free, sterilization type;

③ the price is moderate, became the first choice for cat family cat litter;

④ for the cat, the bentonite sand step up soft, digging up very interesting, is the cat's favorite touch;

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