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Bentonite Cat Litter Caking Strength, Both For Cleaning Up
May 31, 2017

Bentonite Cat Litter If you keep the cat for a certain period of time, you must remember to let the cat use sand / cinder instead of cat litter for those years. Yes, in the commodity cat litter is not popular in those years, that is, before 1940, cat litter is soil, sand, cinder, wood chips and other materials to replace.

So that the cat litter so that the feces can not tell the bitter, the cat's claws get dirty do not say, but also completely unable to cover up the role of smell, if not let the cat with these cat litter, they will be at home chaos Defecation, or defecation. Dung soil into gold! Although the accident, but in reason. Cat slaves are really changing the world point of stone.

Cat litter variety, the current market common cat litter type bentonite sand, crystal sand, pine sand, bean curd sand, green tea sand, paper sand and so on.

After confirming our final question, one of our old friends said it was unhappy: why do you want to make bentonite, my family is now using crystal ah.

To answer her question before we made a small range of a survey and found two questions:

1, bentonite cat litter currently in the Chinese market sales than the sum of other types of more.

2, a lot of meow masters only willing to use bentonite cat litter.

The reason is probably like this:

1, meow's habits. Bentonite cat litter and meow the most original defecation environment closest. So the highest degree of acceptance of meow masters.

2, compared to the entry-level cat litter, bentonite is the cheapest.

Bentonite cat litter is the main component of montmorillonite, which is clay minerals, it is also often known as mineral cat litter.

China's definition of montmorillonite is not uniform, it is easy to cause the concept of confusion. Bentonite cat litter is not one hundred percent montmorillonite, but also add deodorant, preservatives and other chemical products.

And our commonly used antidiarrheal - montmorillonite is obtained from the purification of bentonite montmorillonite. So when your master maternal diarrhea, the doctor advised you to take the montmorillonite diarrhea when the doctor's meaning is not to let you feed the cat litter ah feed!

Is there any problem with bentonite?

Due to the characteristics of bentonite, resulting in its current two fatal flaws:

1, dust. This point in the next period of our evaluation of the text we can see the most intuitive.

Dust will directly damage the meow masters and shovel feces official of the respiratory tract, which can be dangerous or small.

In addition, the dust will make meow masters hair and even the skin becomes dirty, which makes some of the top pick shovel feces official crazy, frequent to the cat bath itself is not good, not to mention the master also so hate water, hate hair ah!

Of course, finally, the dust will make the home change dirty ah.

2, the particles out. Every time meow masters finished toilet, have to clean about, is not very crazy! Moreover, as the most loving meow masters, from time to time to lick the claws, it will be directly to the dust and other dirty things to eat in the stomach.

At present, the state has not developed a unified standard for cat litter, there is no industry standard in the bentonite industry, but in the cat slave heart good bentonite cat litter must have the following:

1, the effect of the group the stronger the better. To ensure that the cat's urine can all be sucked into the cat litter, but also have a certain degree of agglomeration, both to clean up, not afraid to play cat litter cat cat will be caught cat litter play.

2, the less the better dust. For the use of bentonite cat litter cat, the use of the process of splashing dust is undoubtedly healthy and lazy shovel fist has a great test.

3, to taste the stronger the better. As mentioned above, the fecal smell of the cat is very strong, to taste deodorant capacity is undoubtedly a big addition points.

4, with less the better. Due to the smaller particles of bentonite cat litter, the probability that the particles are brought out by the cat's claws is high.

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