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Bentonite Cat Litter Better Sanitation
Jul 12, 2017

The use of Bentonite Cat Litteron the health of the cat has a crucial impact, and now the market above the variety of Bentonite Cat Littersales, whether it is material or brand, let the cat slaves in the choice of Bentonite Cat Litterwhen hesitant, both Choose the right price, but also the cat like, and the benefit of the cat healthy cat litter.

Bentonite Bentonite Cat Litterin the Bentonite Cat Littermarket share is relatively large, so today here to tell you about the choice and use of bentonite Bentonite Cat Litterskills.

First, how to choose bentonite cat litter, bentonite Bentonite Cat Littershortcomings are mainly dust. The dust will first affect the sanitation of the house, the cat every day into and out of the Bentonite Cat Litterbasin, if the Bentonite Cat Litterdust is relatively large, it increases the number of cat slaves cleaning the health of the house, and dust sticky in the cat body, Sucked into the body, causing respiratory disease.

And then the use of bentonite cat litter, Bentonite Cat Litteras a daily necessities of the cat, when used as much as possible to put the Bentonite Cat Litterin the shelter, to avoid the usual dust blowing, Bentonite Cat Litterthickness under the premise of ensuring the use of the cat Sand distance from the top of the basin as much as possible to be higher, so the cat sand basin height can be slightly higher.

The last is the choice of cat litter, Bentonite Cat Litteris the cat's daily consumer goods, but the general dosage is not too big, a cat a month also a bag of cat litter, not a big consumer goods, so in the Bentonite Cat LitterChoose to try to choose some good quality cat litter, like the cat litter, etc. are relatively good choice.

Finally, the Bentonite Cat Litterclean up, many people think that Bentonite Cat Littercan be used in the cat after a few days to clean up once, in fact, Bentonite Cat Litteris used, no matter how good Bentonite Cat Litterquality, will slowly pollute the air inside the house Since the choice of the cat, it is necessary to do things diligent, as far as possible every day to clean up the cat sand basin, thoroughly wash the cat sand basin every week.

How to choose cat litter, how to choose the right cat litter, I believe these are a lot of cat slaves have been more confused question, in fact, the selection of Bentonite Cat Littercan be determined according to several aspects:

One, the group effect

Knot good or bad can directly indicate the quality of Bentonite Cat Litteris good or bad, good quality Bentonite Cat Littergroup is relatively fast, and the knot is also relatively strong, not easy to break.

Second, the deodorant effect

Deodorant effect of a direct impact on the use of Bentonite Cat Littertime, deodorant effect of poor Bentonite Cat Litternot only can not absorb the smell of cat excrement, but also be contaminated. So the choice of Bentonite Cat Littermust choose those deodorant material better cat litter.

Third, the bactericidal effect

The main role of Bentonite Cat Litteris to deal with the excrement of the cat, some cat slaves may be a few days to clean up a cat litter, if the Bentonite Cat Littersterilization effect is poor, it is easy to breed bacteria, the health of the cat unfavorable influences.

Four, Bentonite Cat Litterparticle shape, size

Now there is not only a variety of Bentonite Cat Littermaterial, Bentonite Cat Littergrain shape is also a lot, like the pine of the strip, crystal large particles, bentonite broken particles and spherical, select the appropriate Bentonite Cat Litteraccording to the use of the situation, the whole Closed Bentonite Cat Littercat when used Bentonite Cat Litteris less, and open Bentonite Cat Litterbasin need to consider the Bentonite Cat Litterout of the situation, spherical sand out after the easy rolling is not easy to clean, but broken particles Bentonite Cat LitterThe amount of less, but also easy to clean, such as the United States Peng cat litter.

Five, hardness

Unused Bentonite Cat Litterhardness is more effective to reduce crushing and reduce dust pollution. After the use of Bentonite Cat Litterknot hardness, can effectively reduce the use of the cat slaves to facilitate the clean-up.

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