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Bamboo And Grass Sands
Mar 04, 2017

Sand absorbent bamboo, granular powder.

Sand grass and plant litter: the most hateful design, looks very much like wooden sand, but because it is too light is often the cat out. Odor, odor-absorbing functions are not, replacement time may itself stinks. This product is manufactured in order to solve the fire problem in remote areas "particle", nothing to do with cat litter, sand covered it when the cat sells really detestable.

Class plant and its by-products, environmental protection, bio-degradable, and by a variety of crops, such as wheat, corn, grass, alfalfa, peanut shells and dried citrus peel made of crushed chips or powder. For cats with health problems may be more secure, because he was very low dust or dust. Are very light and smells fresh and smelly good suppression with no chemical added. While not a lump like a sand-bentonite could still form a soft block, is very fragile, and still easy to eradicate and poured a small amount at a time into the toilet bowl.

Disadvantages: adhesion, light type of adhesion problems even worse, easily picked out of the litter box, not buy price is expensive. Some manufacturers claim that the litter box can be used as fertilizer, but in order to prevent such as Toxoplasma spread is not taken into account.

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