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Advantage Cat Litter
Mar 04, 2017

1, strong odor. It can make the urine or feces odor absorption does not disseminate tightly, and keep the air in your room, fresh and odor-free.

2, super fast moisture absorption. It can be fast in a very short time to make pets out of the urine and feces in the water; moisture capacity of 80% per cent of its own weight and still keep the skin dry.

3, the effects last. 4 lbs per bag of cat litter for a cat can persist for more than a month.

4, a strong antibiotic. Because the litter box is dry, reduce the reproduction of bacteria. If antimicrobial agent cat litter do you use also has a bactericidal effect.

5, easy to deal with. Silica gel cat sand caked, leaving no marks, no dust, light weight, less waste, can be used as ordinary trash away; families easy to use and safe.

Why Choose Us
  • 1, Ten brands throughout the plant;
  • 2, Factory direct supplier price concessions;
  • 3,500 scale technical team;
  • 4, The product quality is better than peers;
  • 5, Improve the service;
  • 6, We deserve your trust
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