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Silica Gel Cat Litter Make Your Home Environment Better
Jun 12, 2017

Many people want to know how to train cats to use Silica Gel Cat Litter, the original is the most important thing is to make it familiar with the cat casserole, as long as this, then nature can work times. In addition, the dirt in the sand basin should be cleaned up in time, but the odor and urine smell of the cat's defecation will be left in the sand basin, which can attract the cat to defecate.

Training Silica Gel Cat Litter

Prepare the cat casserole. Prepare a fixed Silica Gel Cat Litter bowl for the cat and place it in a fixed location at home. Cat sand basin can be done by themselves can also be bought in the market, and then in the sand basin with a layer of cat sand can be.

Familiar with Silica Gel Cat Litter basin. In the ordinary life, the master wants to let the cat acquaint with this feline sand basin first. There are 3 methods:

1. First you can catch the cat in the Sand basin, and then gently pat its head and buttocks, and tell it this is where it after the toilet. Although the cat does not know what you are saying, it will be understood by training and understanding.

2. It is also a good way to tell them that this is their toilet, by crawling the claws of the cat in the sand basin and doing what they normally do with the toilet.

3. Tell us a secret recipe, it's from the old folks from home. The experience is said to be very effective, this method is: in the sand basin caught cat, the cat's tail down three, at the same time mouth to say: "This is the place for you to go to the toilet, be good!" I'm going to pee in this place, you know? ”

Master the law. Grasp the time and law of the cat's urine, before the cat has not formed a good habit, to pay close attention to the behavior of cats. Usually pay attention to observe the cat and cat movement, the general cat want to poop will be more panic, will smell everywhere, there is a more obvious feature is very like in the corner or wall sniffing smell, some will also be accompanied by a gentle call, at this time there is a great possibility that they have to go to the toilet, cats and mothers to eye nasty hands will be caught in the sand, the general cat if the anxious words may be in the inside of the toilet, this will be the great merit! So the cat showed signs of urination, In time to guide the cat or catch the fixed sand basin, let it defecate.

Lingering odor. The dirt in the sand basin should be cleaned up in time, but the scent of the cat's defecation and urine will be left in the sand basin, which can attract the cat to defecate. But after the first cat in the sandbox, do not immediately clean up their products, for a period of time, because so the cats will smell next time will know that this is their toilet. It is also important to remember to praise them after the Cats have finished. After several times the cat will use the cat sand.

Why cats don't use Silica Gel Cat Litter

1. The cat sand dirty did not clean up in time.

2. Cat sand basin too high, cats can not enter the cat sand basin.

3. The cat sand Basin is placed in the place that many people or people often pass by, cause the cat rice to have no security and not use.

4. Cats are in a rut everywhere, particularly in the case of public cats.

Third, the use of crystal cat sand tips

In the use of a lot of friends have raised a question: Crystal cat sand When the effect is very good, the home almost no taste, also very good clean-up, but the final sand basin at the bottom of the urine deposition will also bring a very pungent flavor, how to solve this problem?

In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem, the key is to understand the use of crystal cat sand principle: Crystal cat sand is not knot-type cat sand, in the day-to-day cleaning does not need to be carried with urine of Silica Gel Cat Litter or replace, but rely on silica gel good adsorption of urine in Silica Gel Cat Litter particles. After a period of time, the adsorption of cat sand gradually reached saturation, can not absorb more urine when you need to replace the whole basin of cat sand.

According to this principle, in order to maximize the use of crystal cat sand advantages, but also do not give the final clean-up problems, in the use of crystal cat sand best not to put a lot of quantity, generally put a week to use the amount (a little more) enough, so that when the white cat sand has 85% or so yellow (the reason to absorb the urine) can consider the whole basin replaced. As a result, the amount of each place is relatively small, cat sand used more fully, cat sand cleaning cycle is relatively short, will not bring significant urine deposition. In this way, not only to ensure the health of the home, but also let the cat a clean toilet environment, and the final clean-up also become more convenient.

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