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Bentonite Cat Litter Good Water Absorption And Deodorization.
Jun 12, 2017

Bentonite Cat Litter Today, a wide range of cat sand, mineral sand, environmental sand, crystal sand, a variety of materials for our choice of cat sand, cat sand brand is more than a few, usually used by the more common cat sand between what is the difference?

Crystal Cat Sand

The main ingredient is silicone particles, the crystal cat sand on the screen, the following layer of pad or other sand, used to use the infiltration of the cat's urine, if using a single layer of cat sand basin,Bentonite Cat Litter crystal sand soaked in cat urine, will soon be consumed, more waste.

Crystal Sand will directly absorb the urine of cats, then from the transparent color into yellow, but will not knot, as long as the shovel can be. When 80% of the sand in the litter bowl has changed color,Bentonite Cat Litter the cat litter can be replaced. The use of crystal cat sand will be more than bentonite sand to save some, and the cat sand particles are relatively large, not easy to be cat brought out of cats toilet.

Advantages: Less dust, better water absorption and deodorization. It is easier to clean than bentonite, and the price is moderate.

Cat Sand with Bentonite

It is currently the most common use of cat sand, hygroscopicity is very strong, can quickly absorb moisture in the feces, forming a large hard regiment. Coagulation Cat Sand solves the problem of urine, can condense urine into blocks, eradicate together, sanitation is convenient. If meet lash,Bentonite Cat Litter also can succeed to suck into a regiment, no longer have common cat sand to wrap up trouble.

Advantages: Absorbent strong, good knot, smelly effect of medium, cheap, easy to buy, the most easily accepted and used by cats.

Pine Cat Litter

The main components are recycled pulp, hay corn, wheat extracts, etc., crushed into powder, after washing, and then smashed into powder. Also need to use a double layer of cat sand basin, the lower layer of the pine powder, wheat fiber powder, each cleaning just shake a flash above the screen, so that the powder floor can go down.

After using the pine sand can be directly imported into the toilet flush, but also can be poured into the garden or flowerpot when fertilizer, cleaning relatively convenient. However,Bentonite Cat Litter the area with greater air humidity should pay attention to the timely cleaning of cat litter basin, because the delivery of wood chips in the humid environment susceptible to bacteria.

Advantages: Water absorption and deodorant ability, almost no dust, not easy to be cat brought out of the sand basin, than bentonite and crystal sand to save, clean up more easily, can directly flush into the toilet.

Litter Cat Litter

The main ingredient is the reuse of paper products, there is also a part of the wastepaper cat sand containing active charcoal. It is best to use a double layer of cat sand basin, above a floor of paper sand,Bentonite Cat Litter the lower floor pad or other sand, urine will penetrate from the upper layer to the lower level, cleaning requires the upper and lower layers at the same time clean.

Advantages: Water absorption and deodorant ability, no group, no dust, can be directly into the toilet, not easy to be cat brought out of the sand basin, chemical composition less.

Tofu Cat Litter

The main ingredients are bean dregs waste, corn cob, and so on, although the production process and pine sand similar, but they and bentonite sand, is the knot type cat sand. And the Bean dregs have very good water-soluble,Bentonite Cat Litter can directly import the toilet, can quickly melt away, without worrying about the blockage. In addition, tofu what uses food grade material, the cat accidentally swallowed also needn't too worry.

Advantages: Knot, no dust, natural ingredients, suitable for purebred cats and weak gastrointestinal cats, postpartum, after the cat is very trial, can flush into the toilet.

Green Tea Cat Litter

The main tea has a unique antibacterial, deodorant can keep the cat sand basin clean and fragrance, with green tea fresh fragrance of tea can be perfect cover excrement odor,Bentonite Cat Litter small words, can be thrown into the toilet, water soluble speed!

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