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Use method
Mar 04, 2017

Clean cat litter in the nest covered with a layer thickness of about 1.5 inches of cat litter.

Regular cleaning after use garbage to keep clean.

If it is a cat, can shorten the cycle of changing cat litter instead of more cat litter in the litter box, it is recommended that a bag of 3.6L the use of cat litter: a cat, a month, two cats, and about 15 days, three cats, and about 10 days.

Adsorption saturation in the cat litter box in time after clearing with a spoon.

Cat litter box or cat litter into the clean, moisture free place to prolong its service life.

Purchase standards

Cohesive force

Water absorption

Hide your stinking

The amount of dust

Other uses

Hamster or other kinds of released animals due to the use of wood in the summer may cause Hamster fever

The skin, so you can use cat litter as wood chips.

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