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Proper use of cat litter
Mar 04, 2017

Cat litter is nature, not taught, you put the litter in a large bowl, put the cat in it, so that it knows where its own will. Cat food, cat litter, cat toys, cat potty, all cat-related products has it all. In fact, cats the most necessary and most important is to solve the problem of cats excrete. To this end, the largest manufacturer of pet products introduced a variety of brands of cat litter products, facilitating thousands of cats family.  But did you know some cat litter is now seriously affecting the health of cats! According to foreign experts found that cat litter added a chemical agent to ensure that cat droppings can be quickly frozen Pellet. Cat litter during the process of storage and transportation, and will produce a lot of dust. Cat in front of the discharge has the habit of love to sniff on kitty litter, cat litter dust over the cat's breathing into the cat's respiratory system. CAT will react with mucus in the respiratory system of dust condensation, condensation of these tiny but difficult to discharge. Condensate accumulated in the cat's body will gradually against the cat's respiratory system, so that cats have a similar human disease silicosis. This leads to cat Dysplasia, severe also makes cat and weak, emaciated and battered and short-lived.

To protect the cat health, advises parents to build a similar cat toilet cat toilet, or trained cats share toilets. If it can not change cat litter habits, be sure to select the dust less, quality, stability, and better quality of kitty litter. Do not to save money save time delay or carelessness love cat life.

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