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How to bathe hamsters, like eating sand bath
Mar 04, 2017

1, put the mouse gently up into paving sand bath in the bathroom, even if it does not wash, most of the mouse will dig in the sand.

2, and first times bath on not with sand of, can gently of will bath sand sub little in rat rat of back Shang, rat rat will automatically shake body of sand, repeat times Hou, gradually on will understanding to some, learning capacity is strong of, but remember, only sub little Oh, carefully lane too more rat rat will antipathy, and has lane into rat rat eyes of dangerous.

3, mouse learned to wobble on the baths after sand and will lick hair is how to teach mouse roll in the sand bath. Stretch from the front of the hand to the mouse, usually rat came up with two pink paw holding your hand, homeopathic gently push down, left, right move, then gently put his hand up and let the mouse to turn up. After several sessions, mouse felt the joy of rolling, soon took the initiative to take a bath.


1, a rat and washed as much as possible, many rat huddled together, affect the mouse event space on the one hand, on the other hand don't love doing the mouse just to play, but also other rat a bath.

2, if you have a mother at home and full moon baby mice, remember when MOM was bathing, every time you put a baby into baby mice's learning ability is very strong, mother wash often to watch several times, soon learned, learned from or to the new owner.

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