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How long do cat litter change
Mar 04, 2017

About how long do cat litter change, almost no standards, although different cat litter in the specified packaging use and replacement methods. The following are some of the common cat litter: 1, Crystal cat litter (cat litter): regular cleaning after use garbage to keep clean. If it is a cat, can shorten the cycle of changing cat litter instead of more cat litter in the litter box, it is recommended that a bag of 3.6L the use of cat litter: a cat, a month, two cats, and about 15 days, three cats, and about 10 days. 2, the setting of cat litter (bentonite cat litter): fast kitty litter into a ball, we can eradicate cat litter basin, deposited litter when drained, you can always add a new cat litter into the cat litter, do not need to give up ...

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