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Hamster a bath using sauna
Mar 04, 2017

Winter arrives, the animals how to bathe safely master a lot of concern. Yesterday in the cool men da Jie, a pet shop, little Hamster has its own "sauna room. ”

Hamster is a very cute little pet, its dedicated "sauna" in our view is miniscule, and ashtrays in General about the size of the base, available with a transparent cover on top. According to the store's staff, hamster's fur is very dense, if the wash is hard to dry for a short time, so that the little guy is very easy to catch cold sick. No

How to bathe it with water?

Original Hamster bathing sand is also equipped with a private bath, sand of this adhesion is very strong. Hamster is a very neat little animals, as long as the "sauna" put the right amount of sand bath, hamsters you will get to roll over, and 5 minutes after "washing" clean automatically. Hamster "sauna" is also common and advanced two grades, high saunas feature is atop a deodorant containing activated carbon, hamster in the shower can also absorb the body odor.

When interviewed, the reporter also discovered a hamster private bathroom. Staff told reporters that the napkin wrap a small amount of urine or feces on the bathroom, after a day or two of training, after the hamster will be consciously used.

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