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Green tea and corn sand
Mar 04, 2017


As wood grains of sand, you can see the black particles of tea.

Tea unique antibacterial, deodorizing effect can keep the litter box clean and fresh.

For the porous sand, condensation and odor-absorbing power.

After heat sterilization and combined with antibacterial agent, prevents bacteria formation.

Tea with fresh and fragrant green tea is perfect covering excrement smell.

A small amount, you can throw in a toilet, water speed.

Each package can use about three weeks to a month.

Components material: Hill, starch, tea.

Advantages: strong deodorant ability. No dust. Green activists.

Disadvantages: easy to worms. Green tea flavor, some cats refuse to use.

If you are using: this cat litter can be condensed, so apply to ordinary litter.

Material: exterior view such as crushed corn, sumiren.

Features: can be condensed.

Advantages: no dust. Green activists. And plain bentonite clay cat litter, Pellet, cats adapt to high.

Cons: easy. Not easy to get and expensive.

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