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Common clay
Mar 04, 2017

Advantages: absorbs the liquid quickly or stinking economy. Some antibacterial formula and some absorption, and cover up the stench of additives.

Cons: clay is heavy, if you can't even shovel, while changing the cat litter is not complete, bad odour control may cause the cat to find another good toilet, especially when you have more than one cat problem is even more serious. Add fragrances and sometimes cats back away. Dust and adhesion problems particles finer issues more seriously, will soon form a cat Beach, dust-free dispensing better, but was unable to stop, and the cat has asthma and other breathing problems need to consult a doctor.

Common cat litter

After some handlers of sand, made from stone crushing, like sand in General (for example building sand, sand of roadside) than it is clean and dry and no smell. Different brands, only in the aggregate categories has differences, particle size, high point with deodorizing function, price is very cheap.

Common cat litter to wrap droppings, the biggest Achilles heel is unable to absorb the urine will flow directly to the pelvic floor, like compost. After a couple weeks of use, the whole basin of cat litter was discarded, and must be replaced, or smoking to no.

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