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Bean curd with cat litter
Mar 04, 2017

Tofu not pellet cat litter into pellet and two types (ordinary sand, cat litter, tofu Chinese medicine bean curd color sand, tofu, corn, tofu, pine core sand core sand). Public type Pellet.

Material: as the name suggests, tofu sand is made into bean curd residue.

Advantages: environmental protection, waste utilization, you can flush the toilet. Dust-free, nontoxic, harmless to cats and others. Can be condensed for easy cleanup. Natural ingredients, and bean flavor, derived variety (including sand, traditional Chinese medicine bean curd color sand, tofu, corn, tofu, pine core sand core sand), flavoring, coloring, charcoal, no dust. Available directly into the toilet, out of easy to clean. According to the cat's size by 12 days, 7 day, 5 day replaced it. Recommended if you are raising a purebred cat, stomach weak (easy to lash) be sure to use a Pellet, cats eat absolutely nothing, okara is edible (but selected no manufacturer of additives for industrial), postpartum, cats and the kittens before half a year after the operation is applied.

Disadvantages: summer, or humid environments prone to worms. Someone responded Beany, the cat refuses to use. Clustering than clay sand and the price is more expensive than clay, crystal.

How to use: best match double toilet, because the crushed particles will be deposited on the bottom, regular cleaning of the lower, to prevent excessive urine. Usually with the use of as pellet cat litter, clean up the urine and BB blocks every day.

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